Kompas Kapital is an advisory company with innovative approaches to investment decision making. The company provides strategic, realistic and unbiased solutions for customers faced with important and complex decision making and have a need for prompt solutions.

When a company is faced with major decisions in situations such as restructuring, strategic acquisitions, professional connections, refinancing and acquisition of assets, Kompas Kapital helps identify key threats and delivers optimal financial advice to achieve efficient and effective future development of the company.

Kompas Kapital is committed to the simple business philosophy: to ensure partners financial and professional sources needed for achieving long-term goals, exploitation of potentials and maximization of shareholder value.

Active monitoring of global trends and business flows in Central and Eastern Europe allows us to help clients find solutions for their specific challenges, posed by globalization.

For each project we select a dedicated team of specialized professionals that help clients throughout each step of a M&A process, in order to realize the client's strategic and financial objectives.