Merger and acquisition (M&A) advisory consists of a wide range of services, which are all provided by our company, either as a separate service in the business process or as a complete project. Our approach is to provide services based on close cooperation with our clients, because we believe that this is the only way we can achieve common goals.

Throughout the process you will be led by a team of professionals with years of experience and expertise with situation in different sectors in Slovenia and Europe. A wide network of business partners provides us with access to necessary information and potential partners. We also guarantee complete discretion to our clients, during and after the project implementation..

As advisors we pay special attention to the following services in the transaction process:
- Choosing a strategy that is based on creating added value for our clients.
- Searching and evaluating target companies.
- Evaluation of synergistic effects.
- Evaluation of companies - assessment of price ranges for purchases and sales,
- Preparation of a detailed schedule of a M&A.
- Advising about the financing M&A activities.
- Coordination of due diligence with potential targets - a highly skilled team of experts in the legal, tax, financial and technical field take care of the optimal performance of due diligence,
- Structure of transaction.
- Operational implementation of M&A transaction - execution of legal procedures of purchases, sales, mergers and acquisitions.
- Advising about post M&A activities.